The agriturismo "Montefiori" is situated in the sweet rolling hills of the Archevia district. It is close to the beautiful and traditional Castello di Loretello, a perfectly preserved example of the medieval hill top fortified towns so traditional in this area.
Arcevia is famed for its nine fortified Castelli. It is strategically placed between the two provinces of Ancona and Pesaro. So the agriturismo well situated to explore the natural beauties of the region. From the Adriatic coast to the foothills of the Apennines, from Fabriano to Montefetro there are treasures to be found.
This area was the corner stone for civilization and culture and is still rich in historical references. There are countless museums, archaeological sites and art galleries to see. Why not visit Urbino, birthplace of Raffael, don't miss Gradara with its evocation of Dante. Never underestimate the Abbeys, fortifications and the bigger and smaller streets so intrinsically bound up in history.
From a different perspective there are the beauties and wonders of the natural world. Nature lovers can explore the colours, smells and vistas of the area. Such experiences provide a perfect balance to the stresses of modern life.
There are so many itineraries possible: The national parks of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi (with its unique cave system) and those of Monte Cucco and Riserva del Furlo are all short drives away. For those with more specialised interests there is good bird watching and mushroom hunting (in season). For the more sporting holidays there is climbing, cycling, horse riding and trekking, swimming, fishing amongst others.
Fano: Fano Jazz Festival
Pesaro: Rossini Opera Festival
Macerata: Macerata Opera
Arcevia: Jazz Festival
Arcevia: Weinfest
Montefortino: Schneckenfest
Ripalta: Sommertrüffelfest
Acqualagna: Nationale Trüffelmesse